Scotty Scott


We started learning to dance in 1969 with Brian Townsend. After learning to dance I started visiting the other clubs in Adelaide, along with Jeff Seidel. As an interest in the calling side had developed, Alan Frost started giving lessons in the art of calling.

In 1972 I was based in the Arkaroola area for several months and did several one night stands at the Arkaroola village. After returning to Adelaide work had me rotating out of Moomba and then transferred to Perth for a year and in 1974 I was transferred to Singapore. Although at this time I was still working offshore we started the Anytime Squares in Singapore. I called for this club for the two years we were in Singapore and the club continued on for many years dancing to records under the direction of Dr Goh.

I was fortunate to be able to attend and call at the 1976 25th National Convention in Anaheim, California. Shortly, after returning back to Singapore, we were transferred to Balikpapan in East Borneo, Indonesia. While in Balikpapan we started the Ridge Top Squares and also another club at a Gas Plant in Bontang, about 200kl north Balikpapan, The Bontang Gassers. During my tenure in Balikpapan we took a group of dancers from Balikpapan and Bontang (also a group from Sumatra) to Singapore to join up with a group of Australian dancers and callers that had come up to Singapore for an After Party from the 1978 Australian National Convention in Perth. I called for both of these clubs for two years until I was transferred to Jakarta.

With our move to Jakarta, in Java Indonesia, in 1976 we started the Spice Island Swingers, which by 1982, the club was dancing twice a week, one night for learners and the other for mainstream. During this period I was also calling for the Lembaga Indonesia America University Club on a weekly basis and for a club at the Cibinong Cement Plant.

A move to Medan, Sumatra Indonesia, had me calling regularly for two established clubs, the Sumatra swingers in Duri and the Shooting stars in Pekanbaru. Both clubs had never had a caller and had only danced to records. Although only 80 kilometers apart these two clubs had never danced together or visited each other. My first introduction to these clubs in 1982 was to call their combined clubs graduation dance in Duri.

My next transfer, in 1984, took me to Niigata, Japan. On arriving in Niigata I contacted a local club and joined them dancing and co-calling with their callers. Eighteen months later I started my own club the Whoop & Holler Squares.

Shekou, China was my next destination and I spent a year, 1989, here and started the Shekou Squares club.

In 1990 I was transferred to Kuala Lumpur where I started the Ampang Squares club.

I was moved into a global position with the company in 1999. Due to extensive job related travel and extended periods away from home I had to forgo having a regular club. During this period I did guest calls in USA, Holland, Germany, Scotland and Norway. I was in Norway for 3 months and the Stavanger Squares had no caller so I called weekly for them while I was there. I also did several nights for the Aberdeen Kilt Kickers when their regular callers were unavailable.

I retired from the company in 2015 and then was able to start a club in Kadina, the Yorke Promenaders and call for them weekly.