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Modern Square Dancing

Fun and friendship set to music

Modern Square Dancing

Fun and friendship set to music

Walk ... Smile ... Square Dance!

Two left feet?  No problem.  Modern Square Dancing is walking in time to music, and following the caller's instructions.  There's no fancy footwork in Modern Square Dancing.  It’s good exercise for both the body and the brain.  And it’s fun!

There are lots of other square dance videos on youtube. Click here to see some of them.

Learn to Square Dance

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When clubs are planning to start learners' classes, you'll find the information here and on our facebook page.

Clubs in South Australia

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The following clubs have a website and/or facebook page. You can visit these pages to get the latest information.

Adelaide Outlawswebsite facebook
Sunset Twirlerswebsite
Wild Frontierwebsite
Yorke Promenaderswebsite

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