Trevor Hunt


Trevor began Square Dancing in the early 1970's, and did a great deal of the ground work establishing Shooting Stars Square Dance Club at Elizabeth in 1973, at that time Trevor was serving on the Board of the YMCA.

Allan Frost was contacted and agreed to call for the newly established Club on a fortnightly basis.

With Allan’s approval, Trevor taped the dance evenings on an old reel to reel recorder and spent many hours putting a program together to allow the club to run weekly, one week with Allan calling and the other with Trevor, he became club leader on alternate weeks, using the edited programs from previous weeks with Allan.

At the same time Trevor was learning to Call and soon began calling and teaching for the club on alternate weeks.

Trevor called at the Trail-in dance for the 1974 National Square Dance Convention in Melbourne, and started The Cross Trail club in 1975, where he called and taught Squares with the late Heather Towner.

Known as The Town & Country Callers, they ran the club together for 5 yrs. Trevor left that club with Heather in 1980, and with the backing of the Tea Tree Gully Council, Trevor started the Trails End Square Dance Club, which ran successfully for more than 20 years at mainstream level first and later it became his weekly plus club which he moved to Hillcrest.

In 1989 he opened Gawler Heritage Square Dance Club, which ran for around 12 yrs.