Port River Dolphin Cruise (Slideshow)

Our Society Publicity Officer April Nicholls organised a Port River Dolphin Cruise for Saturday evening 14th April 2012. Everyone had a fantastic time. Well done April. Have a look at these photos and her report below.

The Cruise BoatDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerRelaxingDinnerDinnerDinnerRelaxing & Watching For DolphinsRelaxing & Watching For DolphinsRelaxingRelaxingCheersCheersHaving FunRelaxingRelaxingMintie Anyone?That's not Square Dancing!SmileSmileApril and AngelaHaving a great time!April with Seidel FamilySeidel FamilySmileAngela and AllanNicholls Family

At the start of the night the weather was so kind to us. It wasn’t cold or hot, but just right, I think someone was looking out for us up there! The water was lovely, just like a blanket.

Angela Nicholls took some pictures of our boat, which has three levels - the top level with an outside viewing deck, the middle level, and the lower level which had a viewing station at the front for people to look for dolphins.

As 6.30pm started to arrive our 55 people all lined up ready to board the boat, getting their tickets out for boarding, and then they found their seats and tables and made themselves comfortable.

It wasn’t long after that that we were ready for our meals, which were very lovely indeed - thank you to the cooks on board. After dinner we drew the door prize, and the winner was Rudy (well done).

Talk about party animals dancing the Nut Bush, the Macarena, and the Limbo. Oh, and drinking the night away!

A bit later on during the night, we had a fun game called the Mintie tear. Well done to Anne Tulloch for getting the longest, although only by a few inches, winning herself some tim tams! Yum!


Thank you to all that came along on that special night.

Love from your Society Publicity Officer, April