About Us

The South Australian Square Dance Society Inc.

The society is a recognised incorporated body, and is therefore responsible to the Government and other legal bodies for all actions of the committee and members.

It has a registration number, which means it can be investigated by individuals for any possible reason - thus shifting responsibility from any one individual.

In any dealings with government departments or organisations such as Foundation SA etc, a Society has a greater voice than an individual. 

What does SASDS do?

  1. Co-ordinates, supports & promotes Square Dancing in SA for the benefit of all Clubs & dancers.
  2. Collates & produces an annual 'Calendar of Events'.
  3. Publishes a monthly newsletter 'The Round Up'.
  4. Produces our SA website: squaredancingsa.com
  5. Responsibility for the finances & bank accounts held by SASDS.
  6. Provides financial support to the Clubs towards the costs of running Learners Classes.
  7. Presents Mainstream Graduates with a 'Learners Package'.
  8. Has responsibility for running The State Convention annually.
  9. Runs Society Dances.
  10. Provides insurance for Society functions.
  11. Liaises with the SA Callers Association and SA Round Dance Association.
  12. Liaises with Interstate Square Dance Societies.
  13. Provides quarterly reports to be published in the 'Australian Square Dance Review'.
  14. Provides delegates to represent SA at various meetings held at National Conventions.
  15. Supports an elected committee of dancers who host a National Convention when it is our turn [ normally every seven years ].

Executive Committee


Murray Dempsey

0468 560 782


Vice President

Diana Waters

0415 289 300



Pauline Ottaway

0414 952 499


Membership Secretary

Karen Dempsey



Don Stephens

0419 846 935


Round Up Editor

Stephen Janes

0410 009 382


Publicity Officer

Graham Burgan

0427 973 226


Committee and Club Representatives

Adelaide Outlaws

Dawn Elliott

08 8353 1749

Diggers Delights

Chris Wood

0412 326 028


JVC Square Dance

John Casey

0400 611 211

Kannella Squares

Scoot Back Squares

Mervin Hier

0407 718 267

Sunset Twirlers

Ingrid Cottrell

Wild Frontier

Yorke Promenaders

Scotty Scott

0419 864 748



Jeff Seidel

08 8263 5023


Shirley Bates

041 0645 892

2020 State Convention Convenor

April Nicholls 0433 999 362 power6au@yahoo.com

2018 Committee

Committee members at the SASDS Christmas Dance on 17th November 2018

All correspondence to:

The Secretary
South Australian Square Dance Society Inc.
PO Box 6412 Halifax Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Articles for Round Up:


Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Members


Contact the committee or email us for further information about the South Australian Square Dance Society Inc.
Contact individual clubs to confirm their dance nights and starting times
Constitution of the South Australian Square Dance Society
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